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MI Band Heaters

MI Band HeaterThe mineral insulated (MI) band heater from Watlow® is a high-performance heater that incorporates Watlow’s exclusive mineral insulation. This material offers much higher thermal conductivity than mica and hard ceramic insulators that are used in conventional heaters.

A thin layer of the “high” thermally conductive MI material electrically insulates the element wire from the inside diameter of the heater sheath. A thicker, low thermally conductivity layer backs up the element wire directing the heat inward toward the part being heated.

The result is more efficient heat transfer, which lowers element wire temperatures and increases heater life.

Performance Capabilities

  • Heater operating temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C)
  • Watt densities up to 100 W/in2 (15.5 W/cm2) available on large diameter barrel bands
  • Maximum voltage to 480V