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Cast in Heater BushingsTempco Cast bronze nozzle heater bushings offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology to these innovative designs. They eliminate uneven temperature profiles and short heater life; their precision machining also eliminates poor fit and the need for clamping bands, while providing maximum heat transfer. The casting is protected by a stainless steel tube.

The maximum operating temperature for the bronze casting is 1200°F (650°C); the optional aluminum casting has a maximum operating temperature of 600°F (315°C). The built-in thermocouple in either Type J or K gives exceptional temperature control when connected to a Tempco TEC controller. The thermocouple has a standard an ungrounded junction located in the center of the width, which helps eliminate stray EMF’s caused by the heater. A grounded junction at the end is optional. The heater and thermocouple have a standard termination of 36- inch fiberglass leads with a stainless steel overbraid. Options include Teflon® insulated leads and armor cable.

The Durex Hollow Cast nozzle heater design was developed by Durex to provide a maximum efficiency heating device for plastic molders. Utilizing casting technology, a high performance mineral insulated heater is cast-in a bronze or aluminum alloy and machined for a precision fit onto the injection nozzle.