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Barrel Heaters Air Cooled

Cast-in Barrel HeaterAluminum Finned Cast-In Band Heaters are used as an alternative to Liquid Cooled Cast-In Band Heaters for heating and cooling the barrels of plastic extruders.

As a standard, Finned Cast-In Band Heaters are manufactured in aluminum alloys because this material provides very good thermal conductive properties. For applications requiring higher operating temperatures and/or higher watt densities, bronze or brass alloys can be used. Precision machining of the inside diameter yields superior heat transfer between the heater and the machine barrel, thereby ensuring uniform heating and cooling of the extrusion process. The heaters are secured to the barrel either by Stainless Steel Clamp Bands or by means of Bolt Clamping the heater halves together. Finned Cast-In Band Heaters can be designed to meet the mechanical and physical constraints of existing extruder shroud systems.

They are manufactured for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance (MRO) applications to customer specifications.