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L-Shaped Cast-in Heaters

Cast-in L Shaped HeaterThe “L” Shaped Cast-In Heaters are typically used on square and rectangular twin screw extruder barrels in compounding and plastic resin manufacturing applications. Due to high shear rates, which are common in this process, extreme operating temperatures and high watt densities are frequently encountered. For these reasons “L” shaped heaters are manufactured  in bronze or brass alloys, which are capable of withstanding high temperatures at higher watt densities.

In the case of applications requiring lower temperatures and lower watt densities, aluminum alloys can be used. Aluminum castings are desirable as they have greater thermal conductivity and weigh substantially less than their bronze or brass counterparts, allowing for greater ease of installation.

For mounting purposes, the heaters can be designed with 45° flanged ear extensions that are bolted and drawn together, or can be made with through holes machined into the casting body to bolt directly onto the barrel itself. Thermocouple and transducer holes or other special features can be accommodated as well.

To enhance the cooling capabilities, or to be used in place of integral feed screw cooling, “L” shaped heaters can be manufactured with cast-in cooling tubes to satisfy liquid cooling requirements. This feature allows processors the ease of changing a single unit at a time, thus representing a far less time-consuming and less expensive alternative should a cooling line become clogged or severely restricted.

Typically used in compounding, resin manufacturing, and high performance material applications that generate a high shear temperature, these heaters are most commonly manufactured from a bronze alloy to withstand these higher temperatures and high watt densities.