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Cast-X Circulation Heaters

Cast-X Circulation HeaterThe CAST-X 1000 circulation heater from Cast Aluminum Solutuions consists of a helically coiled tube cast into an aluminum body with
tubular elements. The aluminum body blankets the tubular elements and acts as the heat
transfer media between the elements and the coiled tube circulating the heated fluid. This innovative and cost-effective cast construction provides multiple advantages compared to traditional circulation heaters. The CAST-X 1000 circulation heater’s aluminum mass maintains heat accurately and consistently, resulting in an optimum level of temperature control. The aluminum body also efficiently conducts heat away from the tubular elements, prolonging heater life. The reliable construction of the CAST-X 1000 circulation heater allows fluid to circulate through a coiled tube instead of in direct contact with tubular elements. This feature eliminates hot spots that typically result from contact between tubular elements and the heated fluid. The robust, rugged design of the CAST-X 1000 circulation heater delivers problem-free operation in a more compact size than traditional heat exchangers. The CAST-X 1000 circulation heater is appropriate
 or numerous applications and may be customized to meet specific customer needs.