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Bolt Cartridge Heaters

Bolt HeaterWatlow FIREROD BOLT Heater

Watlow's high performance FIREROD® has served the heater industry for over 50 years and a conduit box and wood handle has been added as a featured option. When inserted into a hollow bolt, the heater lengthens the bolt. It expands allowing the nut to be further wrench- tightened. The FIREROD bolt is then de-energized and removed. Upon cooling, the bolt contracts to a tight fit.



Tempco Bolt Heater

TEMPCO Bolt Heaters are used as an aid to tighten large bolts in heavy machinery and equipment. Heaters are sized for easy insertion into a hollow bolt. The rapid heating of the bolt expands it, allowing further tightening of the nut. The heater is then de-energized and removed. As the bolt cools, its contraction back to original size provides a tight fit.

Tempco Bolt Heaters are constructed with one of the industry’s most efficient and highest quality heating elements—Tempco Hi-Density (swaged) Cartridge Heaters; with close tolerance fits, watt densities of 100 watts per square inch are obtainable—65% higher than standard cartridge or tubular heating elements can deliver. The higher wattage on Hi-Density Bolt Heaters means quicker heatup time and minimum heat loss to the area surrounding the bolt.