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Medium Short Wave Tube Panels

Near-Zero Thermal Expansion Ceramic Housing with a Ceramic Gold or White Coated Reflector, providing Superior Energy Efficiency and Maximum Heat Transfer

The ferritic alloy (FeCrAl) resistance coil is uniformly stretched and placed inside a stress-free environment in either translucent or clear round quartz tubes. At the time of energization, the coil will expand without any physical constraint and last longer as opposed to the physical constraints imposed by the ceramic on the coils of standard ceramic infrared heaters.

By employing quartz tubes with an infrared transmittance of up to 95%, the Joule heating generated at the coil finds a venue to exit the tube's wall without substantial losses. The infrared energy coming out of the tubes in a 360º pattern must be then re-directed to the application and for that, a highly reflective gold surface (95% reflectivity) does the job. To further reduce heat losses to the back of the heater, an optional ceramic fiber with very low heat transfer conductivity is placed between the reflector and the back wall of the heater.