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Metal Faced Panel Heaters

Radiant Heater PanelMetal is the standard face on the M-Series panel heaters. The face can be manufactured using either hard-coated aluminum or porcelanized steel. A metal face is used for industrial applications in which there is a possibility that materials will fall onto the heater's face. Although a metal face heater is more durable than a glass face heater, A metal face heater absorbs all of the energy and re-radiates it to the process. Especially demanding applications sometimes require a slightly different design that makes use of a hard-coated aluminum face constructed in a cap (pan) style. This design ensures that materials definitely can not penetrate the heater. The M-Series heater can be constructed as wide as 24" (610 mm) and as long as 48" (1219 mm), though not that width and length in the same heater.