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Quartz Cloth Panel Heaters

Quartz composite is the standard face on the F-Series panel heater, our best selling model. It is produced by a patented process that uses a high temperature material and special cement to bond quartz fabric with a ceramic fiber coil support. The end result is a unique, highly durable, quartz composite face heater.

The F-Series heater has a tremendous amount of flexibility. Its shape can be manufactured rectangular (most common ), square, round, or C-shaped. The heat can be aimed in a single direction (most common) or in dual directions. Our special designs can help to avoid cold spots across wide web applications. The maximum watt density of 25 watts/in2 (39 kW/m2) provides a sufficient amount of power for most applications. The use of an external reflector in most infrared heaters results in a dramatic loss of radiant efficiency over time. Because the proven design of the F-Series heater requires no external reflector, it maintains a consistently high radiant efficiency over time.