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MgO Thermocouples & Assemblies

MgO ThermocoupleMagnesium Oxide Thermocouples

A MgO thermocouple assembly consists of a thermocouple element swaged in hard-packed, standard-purity (96%)
Magnesium Oxide mineral insulation and encased in a metal sheath. Thermocouple sheaths have been fully annealed; they can be formed into many configurations, and can be bent into a radius of twice the size of its outer sheath. 

Miniature thermocouple assemblies have very small swaged sheath diameters containing standardpurity
MgO (96%) insulated thermocouple elements. The small sheath size provides accurate and fast
response time temperature measurement in a variety of laboratory, process, and special applications.
These units are only offered with ungrounded junctions to prolong their useful life. Illustrated below are
the most commonly used assemblies, however, other sensor configurations are available upon request.