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General Thermocouple Information

Product DescriptionTemperature
General Applications Tube and Wire Thermocouples    General Applications Tube and Wire   Fiberglass and Teflon insulated leads for industrial and commercial equipment. Lead lengths 6 to 360 in. (152 to 9,144 mm) and standard sheath lengths up to 12 inches. J, K, T and E calibrations available.   up to 900 up to 480
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple   Mineral Insulated   Fast-responding, durable and capable of handling high temperatures with the use of XACTPAK® metal sheathed cable with compacted MgO insulation.   up to 2200 up to 1200
EXACTSENSE Diesel Exhaust Sensor   EXACTSENSE®   Exhaust gas temperature sensor that combines rugged thermocouple technology with signal conditioning   -104 to 2192 -40 to 1200
Base Metal   Base Metal   Large gauge bare alloy available with ceramic insulated elements and protection tubes. Available in ASTM E 230 Types K and J.   up to 2300 up to 1260
High Temperature/Platinum Thermocouple   High Temperature / Platinum   Available in ASTM E 230 Types S, R or B with a variety of high temperature sheath materials capable of withstanding high temperatures.   up to 3100 up to 1700
TC MICROCOIL   MICROCOIL™   Surface temperature measurement   up to 1292 up to 700
Radio Frequency Thermocouple Probe (TR)   Radio Frequency Thermocouple   Reads surface temperature measurement through radio frequency energy. Highly conductive material provides quick response time. Available in type E, J or K calibration.    up to 932 up to 500
True Surface Thermocouple (TST)   True Surface Thermocouple   Flat surface temperature sensor that isolates the thermocouple from ambient airflow. Typically achieved accuracy and repeatability of one to two percent (ΔT). Fits into corners and other tight locations easily, 0.44 in. (11.9 mm) wide by 1.4 in. (35.5 mm) long by 0.25 in. (6.35 mm) thick.   up to 400 up to 200


  Multipoints   Accurately measures temperatures at various locations. Constructed of a variety of protecting tubes with XACTPAK mineral insulated metal sheathed cable.   up to 2200 up to 1200